Success Stories

Success Stories

Before I began working with Optimal Level, my business was challenged by a majority of my projects exceeding estimated contracted amounts due to our tracking procedures and unclear processes for my team. Since working with Linda, I have assembled a team that keeps close tabs on project tracking, profitability and administrative functions so that I can focus on the creative, marketing and client service piece of my business. Our contracts are now tighter and better estimated and my time is better utilized.

Besides a business coach, Linda has been a mentor, role model and cheerleader while educating me about business. Like many creative professionals, I never imagined I would have my own firm, nor had any business training. Optimal Level has provided the as needed business partner our firm was looking for to help make my passion a successful company.

Pamela Self
RLA, WBE, DBE; Pamela Self Landscape Architecture, ltd.

I had already had my business for 7 years and I felt it had plateaued and I was not happy about it. I wanted to start a new service and wanted to do it right. I had known Linda McCabe from networking and my main concern was if anyone could get me to stay focused. Not only did Linda understand my desire to try new things (almost constantly), she was able to get me to focus and stay on track with my goals. Her systematic approach was exactly what I needed; she guided me through creating a new service without forgetting or leaving behind my current client and services.

In the two years I worked with Linda, I have diversified my clients, mastered sales & networking and am experiencing wonderful growth! Not only would I recommend Linda to anyone who wants to grow, I encourage people I know to talk to her. The work is not always easy and can take you out of your comfort zone, therefore, if you are not willing to do the work necessary to have the business you want, Linda is not for you.

Andrea Herran
Founder; Focus HR & Focus Leadership

Working with Linda through both her Aspire (1:1 coaching) and Apex (group coaching) programs was an excellent investment. Meeting monthly with the wider group enabled me to connect with other like minded business owners and to feel part of a community. There was tremendous collective support for each other and with Linda’s inspired guidance everyone made significant leaps forward with their businesses and life in general. The 1:1 coaching allowed Linda to get into even greater detail with me about the strategy for my business and the action steps I needed to take to deliver on that strategy. Linda’s deep experience enabled her to provide laser focused insights that allowed me to move forward with so much more confidence and certainty than if I had tried to take those steps on my own.

There were three key outcomes from my work with Linda:

  • Linda taught me, and I implemented, key processes for my business growth
  • Linda showed me how to effectively prioritize my work week to focus on sales & marketing ( a particularly strong aspect of Linda’s coaching)
  • Perhaps most importantly, working with Linda helped me to generate my first 6 figure income
  • Linda genuinely cares about her clients and their success and she shows that in every conversation she has. I would definitely recommend working with Linda if you want to create and sustain a powerful business model.
Anne Phelan
Merrett Davies International

Dear Linda,

I wanted to write you a quick letter saying thanks for everything you have done for me and my business through Optimal Level. I wanted to show you the following graph. I have removed the actual numbers, but the trends are crystal clear. By following the dates on the bottom, you can see that before Optimal level (April-November 2011), my business was barely breaking even on a monthly basis. I was getting frustrated and didn’t know what to do.


I started coming to Optimal Level meetings in November 2011 and magically things started to turn around. My collections started growing more and more each month. I attribute this to much of the marketing strategies that you helped me to put in place. I finally broke out of the red in April 2012, and haven’t looked back. As my business continues to grow, I no longer feel frustrated and confused. I have utilized strategies that we discussed in meetings and feel much more confident when talking to potential clients. I have a marketing plan in place, and know that when I use it, it really does work!! Thank you so much for your support and everything that you have taught me over the past year!

Dr. Jamie Tripp

Linda McCabe has been great to work with. Not only does she have great business knowledge, but she also she is very personable and easy to work with. She really helped me get the systems in place I needed to grow my business.

Michele Knight
M. Knight Associates

Before I started with Linda, my business, was to say the least, fledgling. I had left the corporate world to create and run my own graphic design shop, White Feather Studios. Because I had secured a continuous paying client at the start, I believed that I could create my design work, collect a weekly check and work no more than 40-hours a week. Oh sure, I was familiar with mission statements and tag lines from previous employers, but I had not developed one for White Feather. A friend once asked if I had a marketing plan and I stated no. Did I really need one?

In my vision for White Feather Studios, I could see it being successful. However, there were important missing pieces. In January of 2012, Linda tapped me on my shoulder and stated ” I would like to speak with you”. We spoke that night for about 15-20 minutes and exchanged our business cards. Shortly thereafter, we met one-on-one and began our coaching relationship. This opened my eyes and ears to the important steps needed to run a successful business. In a flash, I was digging deep inside discovering the words and meaning for White Feather Studios. What an exciting and, sometimes frustrating experience, to have a company vision and creating the structure to support it. As we all know, growth is never easy.

Today White Feather is a burgeoning graphic design studio. We work with our mantra, mission statement, financial and marketing plans on a daily basis.

This helps me see the continued steps I need to make in order for White Feather to achieve its goals. What I did not expect to see was a an enormous growth in my self-confidence that effected everything I did from my creativity as a designer, being a solid business man and an overall human being.

I thank Linda for reaching out to me, guiding me and challenging me with her knowledge and expertise which has forever changed my life.

Dale A. Fahnstrom
White Feather Studios

I met Linda McCabe at a networking event in 2004. She invited me to visit a meeting. As soon as I arrived I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. I felt the energy, passion, and enthusiasm from Linda and the members and knew it was an organization I wanted to be part of. My very first goal was to find a better career fit. I met my next manager at that first meeting and started a position within six months. Through Optimal Level I was able to set goals and learn valuable time management skills to support me through a year’s worth of training for my next position. I spent several more years focusing on growth in my career. During this time, as a side project I began to focus on my creative side. Through this development was able to recognize my passion and talent for fashion design. I’m now on the road to launching my own brand/company. With the knowledge and support of Optimal Level I’ve been able to meet the challenges that come along with growth. My path has been greatly affected by joining the organization. I’m so thankful for this gift of new friendships, a reliable network of wonderful women, and self awareness.

Mandy Mackowiak
Be Blissful Bags

I have gained so much awareness in my time at Optimal Level! Linda has been instrumental in helping me: Understand and control my schedule to complete the important tasks; Learn to appreciate where I have come from and what progress I have made toward the goal; Defining and creating structure around business processes to strengthen the organization; Helping to determine key issues and creating action plans to address the issues. Thank you Linda!!!

Angie Noll
Norita Co.

I see Optimal Level as not just a place to go to build your business, but also a place to go to create a strong and solid business based on what me as the owner should be doing. For me working with you has shown me something I was not aware of and that is that I am a business person who receives opportunities, sees them and gives thanks for the gift they offer. In doing that, what I realized from your input is that I need to manage my time better by choosing the projects that move my heart and fill my vision as a person and a business woman in my community and world. I am grateful for this because it is maturing my vision to select the projects that really make a difference in my life and business to a point that I am feeling blessed everyday for what I do.

I thank Optimal Level for respecting my success and looking deeper as to how to support me to be a mature business person with a world vision implementing it professionally.

Maggie Wilkins
C&M Wilkins, Inc.
Artistry in Kitchen Design and Renovation Since 1985

I joined Optimal Level in December to really expand my business to give me the option to leave my corporate job and work on my own terms. My challenge was building a stronger team and a more consistent personal business. In just 4 months, my business is booming! I have gained an amazing clarity about my business and myself, I’m more comfortable with what I have to offer, and what I can ask in return. I’ve also learned amazing networking skills that have really given me the ability to create connections when I attend business building events. I am so grateful to have Linda and my “Master mind group” to help and guide me every month! I couldn’t recommend joining Optimal Level any higher!

Shannon Bednowicz
PartyLite Gifts

Optimal Level is unlike any other group to which I belong.  Instead of being about networking, instead of being about education, instead of connecting me to my colleagues, it is about me.  Optimal Level gives me the opportunity to examine who I am as a business person and the individual who I am which influences how I operate as a business person.  It gives me the opportunity to educate myself in business strategies and introduces me to topics I would never think to or have the opportunity to review otherwise.  Through Optimal Level, I have been able to examine the problems of others who are having similar struggles with their business life and personal lives which affect their businesses and as I come up with solutions for them – I come up with solutions for myself as well.  Optimal Level has given me a chance to grow, while I have grown my business.

Erica Crohn Minchella
Attorney at Law

I have been working on so many areas throughout the past months in OL. It is nice to be able to customize my own recipe for success and have help setting goals – especially when I’m not used to setting them in the way we have been working on these past months. I think it is also important to have progress checks along life’s journey. I’m usually so busy racing around to get a million things done, that it is often hard to slow down and take a look at all I have done. OL has also shown me ways of reflecting & recognizing my successes as I achieve them. I appreciate having so many different women to have something (so important) in common with…”striving toward success” whatever your “success” is. Thanks Linda!

Michelle Ingram
Total Staffing Solutions

Working with Linda has transformed my business from the inside out. Her insight and knowledge has been truly invaluable in helping me realize my business goals and finding the balance I need to keep everything working and in order. Linda is more than a business consultant, she is a true friend who is a champion for my greatness.”

Cosette Yisrael
Yisrael Communications

When I first joined Optimal Level, my biggest challenge was working “on” my business and not just “in” my business – in other words, learning how to wear many, many hats and changing them as needed.  Through the pointed, and yet, gentle guidance from OL’s leader and the diverse experience of the other members, my company grew by five fold after just four years.

Irene Rozansky
R&A Crisis Management Services

When I first joined Optimal Level, one of my biggest challenges was my communications with my business partner. After being in business together for almost a year, friends for 10 plus years, and seeing a dramatic increase in our business we were in need of a new style of communication. (Read this as less arguing). Having been a member for 6 months our communications have done a 180 and are now back on track to being 100% effective.  The added value of Optimal Level is considerable!  The unbiased opinions and perspectives allowed me to turn off my defenses long enough to actually hear  good advise from other experienced members…and in the end also my business partner. Thank you for bringing sanity and happiness back into one of my most important relationships.

Doreen Avila
Willow Upholstery & Drapery

When I signed up for Optimal Level, I was the inveterate skeptic. I wasn’t at all sure that you could help me, but I was kind of desperate because it seemed I had tried everything else. I didn’t even admit my qualms to you. But right from the first, you drew me into the group by asking me to help others when I couldn’t even help myself. But you knew that it is in helping others that we sometimes find ourselves again!
As you now know……I have hired 5 new team members since September, and I seem to be beyond the hurdle that propelled me to join. All of the steps you put into place worked for me, not so much because of the steps…but, more because of the stretching you make us do. You take us beyond the obvious. That is what I so much needed!

Linda, so much comes together for so many because of the insight you bring to the table. I do believe that I was able to get out of the place I was in and get back on track due to Optimal Level.

Pat Keegan
Decor & You

I have been working with Linda to advance my business since February of this year. I have made serious progress in some key issues I have wanted to work on and Linda does a great job in helping me see the potential in my business. She has given me fantastic advice to help me move my business forward and I can’t recommend Optimal Level enough for anyone who is at a plateau in finding direction for the things in life that are important to them.

Sue Cotch
Let’s Dish Personal Chef


I have found Optimal Level to be very helpful for me and my business. When I joined I didn’t have a good handle on how to approach getting new business and the selling process. After only 6 months I have gained confidence and have a strategic focus on my business that I never had before. Optimal Level has also introduced me to a very exciting network of people who share my enthusiasm and passion for business.

Lauren Grey
Lauren Grey Graphics

When I joined Optimal Level five months ago, one of my biggest challenges was increasing my business. What I learned was that my challenge was really clarifying my purpose and knowing the direction I needed to take to increase business and feel in harmony with my goals and mission statement. I learned to budget my time and accomplish and prioritize the important things in both business and life. As a result, my success rate has improved and I’m working smarter, not harder.

Rosanne Gulisano
Lifestories: Creating a Memoir