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Inspired U

We offer dynamic, educational events that are inspired by you and your specific professional needs. These are interactive workshops that are designed to provide solutions in business related areas that you feel were previously unaddressed and unanswered.  Having our years of experience listening to you, we are particularly keen in hearing what you want to know, in listening to what topics and what viewpoints you feel may be hindering your progress or damaging your confidence.  We listen!  We hear!  We care!  We bring events to you that provide answers for you that beforehand you felt somehow stymied or eluded you.  It’s one thing to attend events that give you information that some expert wants you to know.  We go beyond what we want you to know by honing in on what you already know and what you desire.  We present our events to make you comfortable applying solutions for your individual style.


How do you feel about Social Media?

There have been many seminars offered by presenters to impart their knowledge about how social media works.  We asked how you felt about social media.  We wanted to know what scared, excited, annoyed or worried you about adapting social media to fit into your world.  Then we offered answers specific to your skills, talents, and methods for your comfort level and your success.

What am I doing wrong?  A fresh perspective on the laws of attraction.

Many professionals learned about the laws of attraction from the book, “The Secret.”  Therefore they made vision boards, they tried to think positive thoughts, and they tried to imagine what their feelings would be when they reached their goals.  However, they were frustrated when their outcomes didn’t materialize.  We heard bewildered people wondering what they were doing wrong.  It’s not their fault!  We get your perspective and your experiences about trying to work the laws of attraction and then we offer alternative thought processes and concrete steps to help you realize your goals and dreams.


InspiredU is a division of Optimal Level brought to you by Optimal Level and Shoop Consulting Group.

If your organization would like an InspiredU event or you would like more information about our events, send email to Info@OptimalLevel.com or call (847) 419-9300.