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There is a distinct difference in coaching and developing corporations compared to working with individuals.  In our work with individuals, we concentrate on developing personal success.    In our corporate work, we shift the focus to the company’s needs, wants, and goals.  In other words, while we work with employees and their personal success we do so within the boundaries set by the Corporation.  The end result is that personal success compliments corporate success.

In today’s business climate, the greatest development challenges facing corporations are having leaders actively carry the torch in pursuit of the company’s vision, consistently getting the best performance from personnel, aligning the most diverse workforce in our history, and growth in a competitive marketplace.
It’s with these challenges in mind that our corporate programs focus on the four content areas:

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  • Leadership Development – In these programs, we address both the alignment of leaders at all levels within the company, from entry level to executive level, as well as the challenge of developing new generations of leaders over time.
  • Employee Performance Improvement – We concentrate on articulating the expectation for optimal performance, evaluating talents and skills to meet the expectations, and providing the environment and resources necessary to achieve the desired results.
  • Team Building – Our focus here is on developing the awareness and appreciation for the vital importance of each teammate’s unique role and contribution to the overall performance of the entire organization.  This applies to the multiple layers of a company, including positions, departments and across functional lines.
  • Sales – We explore the entire arena of sales from the salesperson, to the company’s sales philosophy, strategy, and process.  The overall aim of these programs is to create a fine-tuned, high-performing sales force and increase revenues.

To meet the needs of each client, our programs are structured in one of four ways. We take a diagnostic approach to determine which structure is best.   Our four programs are:

  • Apex – Participants work in focused and facilitated development groups to set goals, discuss challenges and produce powerful results.
  • Aspire – Individual coaching programs where clients receive one-on-one- training providing additional, dedicated help and support in an in-depth environment.
  • Launch – A process driven program that helps clients transform ideas into action through a series of one-on-one or group sessions.  Clients receive support in further developing each of the five functional disciplines common to all businesses: finance, administration, marketing, operations, and sales.
  • Inspired U – Interactive Workshops that are designed to provide solutions in business-related areas that may have been previously unaddressed or unanswered within your company.