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Business Ledger: Feature on Linda McCabe

Linda McCabe

President Feminine Forum Wheeling


Linda McCabe is a veteran of the scrap metal industry in a business she inherited from her father.

Sales grew to more than $6 million annually under her leadership, but scrap metal was not her dream. She sold the company and established Wheeling based Feminine Forum, an organization that assists business and professional women through networks, exchange of ideas, and monthly meetings throughout the Chicago area.

What does it mena to be “influential?”
To be influential means to have an affect on another. I think also that power is involved. So, for this award, it would mean a woman holding a degree of power, in the Chicago area of business, to affect others. That’s what I am all about…making a difference for business and professional women in the Chicago area.

What was the first – or one of the first – jobs you had?
When I was 8 years old, I used to charge a quarter, to carry grocery packages home for women in a carrying cart. At 14, I worked for my cousin, who had a small kind of what would be today like a dollar store. Then, I moved up, at the age of 16, to be a Jewel Cashier

What do you do in your leisure time?
That makes me chuckle because women are so often moaning about lack of time in general. Read, run, strength train, movies, walk, spend time with my mom and family.

Do you read many books? If so, what type(s)?
Yes, I usually have at least three going at a time. If so, most often one would be fiction, mysteries, another business book, another something I am checking out for Feminine Forum, and another some new bes-selling non-fiction book.

Any you’d recomment?
Definitely: Power of Engagement (Loehr and Schwartz), How to Succeed in Business Withough a Penis (Salmansohn), The Confident Woman (Shaevitz), The Villa (Nora Roberts), Getting Things Done (Allen), filling the Glass (Maher) and Be Your Own Mentor (Wellington).

Do you consider yourself a role model?
To some women in business, perhaps some just starting or with new businesses, yes. I took over a business in a male-dominated industry, and although it was not easy, I did very well for quite some time. People say it is somewhat different to take over an existing business, and be successful – but, something else to start a new business. Well, now I have started one, and that is going very well. So in that sense, I can be helpful to others. Also, like a lot of people who have come up in years, I believe in giving back. My interest is with women in business so I volunteer for two very important organizations that work to help professional and businesswomen, and I do it with vigor. So, in the sense that I have been doing what I do for a while, I can and do, in my own business and with my volunteer organizations, represent what is possible for other women working their behinds off to be successful in business and to make a difference.

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