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Even though it has been so many, many years since September brought the excitement of getting ready for the new school year, I still feel that ingrained drive and renewed energy to organize, prepare, accomplish, and to do well. I smile at the humor in this and I still enjoy the feeling. Regardless of the fact that we are closer to the beginning of October rather than September, I have been in foot surgery recovery mode and just got word that I can be up, out, and about more. So, I am rarin’ to go. The last few days, I returned to my computer andRead More →

It was fun and very interesting seeing my friend, Bob Roitblat’s Ted Talk Video, Paradox of Innovation, http://bestskills.net/73186/paradox-of-innovation-bob-roitblat-tedxiit/. His purpose was to talk about using existing technologies and ideas in new and different ways rather than thinking we have to come up with a brand new idea. He pointed out that “nothing comes from nothing;” we can use two existing ideas and fuse them to create innovation. I got a lot out of his presentation. However, what struck me was one of the suggestions he made for becoming more innovative. He told his listeners to get out and see the world. He meant to doRead More →

It was a pretty crummy few weeks I had.  I had been beset with a series of family health issues.  After that, it was just recuperating from all of the rushing, concern, and stress.  So, when I finally got to keeping rather than rescheduling appointments, I looked with anticipation to spending some time with some friends I connected with originally through business organizations. Being with friends, in general, can be very uplifting.  But there is something so rejuvenating about spending time with inspirational friends.  One day last week, I met with a few of these friends. Immediately, my spirits were lifted so high. We oftenRead More →

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  No surprise.  In my 15 years of business coaching and with my exposure to many, many business owners over my thirty-five years in business, I am very familiar with that feeling.  Being in that state is a common condition for entrepreneurs. My clients, at first, as well as many others I talk to at referral meetings or through general networking,  wind up telling me in one form or another that they are somewhat frazzled.  Most often I hear that they feel that their company profits are not where they expected them to be, they are not as far along as theyRead More →

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or professional, it is likely that a lack of confidence reduces your opportunity for the level of success you would like. In my career, I have worked with well over 500 clients.  A great majority of them in some way held themselves back because of a lack of confidence. Here are some reasons I have observed for this lack of confidence: It is extremely common for people to think that what they know is no big deal.  People often believe that others – some unknown others – know the same thing or more than they do. In thisRead More →

If you are a business owner and you are working your butt off, but the amount of profit you expected to reach at this point is simply not there, consider the following possibilities: You’re over estimated the amount of profit for the value you offer – I believe that is highly unlikely, yet it has to be considered. You haven’t expressed your message [through branding or marketing] well enough to potential clients – if this is the case, you have to re-evaluate what you offer and how better to make it more appealing to your clients. You have a good message, but you haven’t developedRead More →

“I feel completely exhausted!  I have so much to do!  I can’t think straight!  I can’t get all this work done in time.  My head feels like it is being squeezed and that I’m too overloaded.” These are complaints I have heard so often after my clients have returned from vacation.  A vacation is supposed to be down-time, a time to relax and let go of work or business cares. The effect is as if the beautiful time away never happened.  Zero effect of the entire purpose for the vacation! This must stop! For me, it did.  I finally figured out that I was defeatingRead More →

The email was from someone I thought was a business coach and someone in my state.  Then, I calmed down and saw that it was from someone who does marketing and is from another state.  However, the email sender does seemingly address business owners because she talks about having courage in your business and getting the right coach. What stunned me was that the e-blast started out stating something the email sender said that she always asks her clients.  She said something like,” When I coach certain clients, I ask them…” Then, I couldn’t believe what I read.  The question she cited was almost identicalRead More →

Two dear business friends, with separate messages, recently generated the same train of thought for me. One was generated by an e-blast about some people who are often offended. The other came during lunch while hearing about a fun, financial bit of information. They helped me realize that I live in a different world than the one I often hear about from other people and the media. This distinction brought to mind a term I have often used, “elevated networker,” to describe someone who has had a great deal of experience networking. This person seems to be elevated above those who commit some social fauxRead More →

A new friend and client recently sent an article to me because she wanted to share how she lives her life every day. At first, my reaction was, “Yeah, seen this, done this.” Then, for just a moment, I actually gave my attention to it! Wow! It happened again…that realization that there is, indeed, a very powerful reality to this Attitude Thing! One of the hangings on my office wall is Attitude by Charles Swindoll, which begins, “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.” The same is true for me. Last week, when I was out to lunchRead More →