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Free teleseminar from Scott Metcalfe, Empire ConsultingTuesday, January 16th from noon to 1:00pm CSTFed up with business growth that just isn't what you had hoped for? Unclear as to how to leverage your time for maximum profit? Aggravated by not getting in front of enough quality prospects? Unsure as to how to get your fair share of a crowded market? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or you simply have a desire to learn as much as you can about cutting edge business development practices you won't want to miss this tele-seminar. It's your chance to learn from me and my specialRead More →

Listening to business women over a long period of time, one of the most perplexing challenges to how and where to get capital for one's business.  This article answers those questions … read more (Raising-Capital1AND2.jpg)Read More →

Do You R.A.F.T.? By Casey Wohl Are you being consumed by your email? Does your inbox have over fifty messages in it? Do you know what is actually in your inbox? Do have problems parting with your email? Do you find yourself spending too much time corresponding via email? If this sounds familiar, then it sounds like you need to implement the R.A.F.T. system. R.A.F.T. is a time management technique that may be applied to handling email. It is simple to use and should be taught to all new and not-so-new employees. It stands for: R- Refer the email to someone else to handle orRead More →