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Here’s an easy way to evaluate your relationships.  Click here to download the People Analyzer.Read More →

Identifying expectations during a sales meeting is a critical step to success.  Here’s a document that will help you keep on track.  Just click here to download.Read More →

The Investment of Leadership I love this short blurb I got from the book, “Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey…”I’ll never forget what one CEO said about the risk of investing in a focused training initiative for his company.  Someone asked him, “What if you train everyone and they all leave?”  He responded, “What if we don’t train them and they all stay?” There are many viewpoints about investment in leadership.  How do you invest in your leadership?  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at various events about leadership and there certainly are different levels of interest when it comes to one’s own degreeRead More →

Be ready to tell others about yourself in a very short time. Here’s how: 30 Second Infomercial 60 second – 2 minute InfomercialRead More →

Click Here for the document that describes meaning.Read More →

Do you have a referral profile?  A document you can give to others so they understand what you need and want to grow your business?  Why not help out your friends and colleagues by preparing a referral profile unique to you?  Here’s a sample to get you started.  Just click here to download.Read More →

So many of the business owners and professionals with whom I work eventually confront the challenge of whether to delegate, what to delegate, how to delegate, and the ROI on delegating. This consideration always reminds me of my days as owner of my scrap iron and metal business and transitioning from doing all the sales myself to hiring sales people.  For awhile, I was genuinely concerned that others could not do as well as me because of my experience, passion and the deep commitment I had to clients.  When I did hire others to sell our service, I discovered two things.  First, I enjoyed trainingRead More →

Click on the link below for an explanation of the MAS Time Management System: MAS Time Management SystemRead More →