Ten Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

feelinggoodSummertime!  You’re supposed to be having fun, soaking up the sun, and feeling great, right?  Well, maybe not.  Just in case you are confused, down on yourself, overworked, exhausted, or not sure what to do about it all, here are some quick suggestions to boost you up:

  1. Close your eyes and take 3 long, deep breaths.
  2. Go outside, if your can, and smile at the trees, the ground, people, whatever. If you cannot go outside, just smile wherever you are.
  3. Think of a moment in the past when you killed it, you were your very best self, when you knocked it out of the park. Savor that moment for a bit.
  4. Start laughing or think of something that you think is funny and laugh. Laugh for awhile.
  5. Eat that one thing you want and know will kill your diet or you know is not that healthy. Again, savor it.
  6. Think of a limiting belief. Something like, “I bore people” or “I’m not nice like other people.” Now, point out to yourself why that’s a petulant thought and is not really true at all!
  7. If you cannot exercise, walk or run, move what you can; for example, your neck from side to side, your arms in circles, rotate your ankles, etc.
  8. Find some inspirational quotes on line or in a book and read them for awhile.
  9. Try to recall all the wonderful comments people who love or really like you have said about you in the past. Take them in, feel good about them.
  10. Make a decision – just for this moment; not the next or the next moment – just for now – to feel so happy to be you!

Some of these may not work for you!  Pick your top three.  That ought to help.

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