How Will Your Business Reach Its Optimal Level?

You’ve envisioned it many times over. It’s that special point in the future where everything in your business seems to click. What does it look like? It’s sure to have some of these qualities:

  • Amazing revenue and profits
  • A confidence level that’s soaring to new heights
  • Fantastic results for clients who are singing your praises
  • Goals that are achieved, not dreamed about
  • Sharpened business skills that continually empower you
  • New business development that’s humming along at a consistent clip

This is your Optimal Level.

It doesn’t happen by accident, magic or luck. It begins with knowing your true purpose and cause for why you exist as a business. It continues with putting processes and systems in place to help you deliver on your promise. And as these reasonable changes are implemented, you can breathe again. You understand how to work your business without your business working you.

Are you ready to reach your Optimal Level?

Start with the Quadrants of Success
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One-On-One Coaching

Business Development Personal Development and Success Leadership I believe coaching is guiding clients to achieve their goals. A coach can see your blind spots, hold you accountable, be a source of new and creative ideas, celebrate your successes with you, be a source of strength when you feel defeated, and in my case, bring over thirty years of business experience. Many of my clients feel that they know what they want to do, but don’t know how to do it. A coach provides the “how-to.” Then, there are some clients who feel lost because they don’t know what to do. A coach helps them uncover


Special Programs

Speaking Engagements Corporate Inspired U To support our members and introduce Optimal Level to others, we offer a variety of special programs that demonstrate our philosophy and illustrate our methods for helping people get insights that lead to their Optimal Level. Through our speaking engagements, corporate programs, one-on-one coaching and InspiredU, we present to larger corporations, smaller businesses, and associations.  We customize content to meet the needs of these individual groups. Whether you seek leadership development, team building, networking skills or motivational development for your employees or members, Optimal Level’s special programs provide the solution.



Current: Optimal Level: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting Life’s Challenges By Linda McCabe and Liz Peterson Available for purchase through Amazon. Upcoming: Sanity and Success for Working Women, A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World By Marilyn Fettner and Linda McCabe From finding balance, to getting raises, to being heard, to dealing with office politics, Sanity and Success for Working Women is the best resource for quick answers women in the workplace have been searching for. This book is dedicated to women who’ve forged the way for females in the workplace to fight for leadership roles, equitable pay and benefits, and

Latest Optimal Thoughts

The Aftermath of Sustained Self-discipline

October 26, 2016 8:38 pm

Recently, at a business meeting we congratulated one of our group members. She had recently maintained extreme discipline to meet a particularly physically, demanding goal. Time management was extremely important in this formula to succeed and involved running a business, clients, a family, a social calendar, and more to maintain. I’ve always been fascinated with galvanizing energy, determination, and gumption as one starts a journey to accomplish a major feat or goal. Depending on the person and the goal, the necessary sustained effort and self-discipline can last from weeks to years. Some examples of this from my own life range from having a good-sized party in my home to reaching a certain target of clients, from an exercise regimen to a weight loss plan, from writing and learning a speech

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